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Where the world meet the wildFair International Travel (FIT) seeks to provide tourists with a memorable opportunity where they are in a position of visiting the various tourist attractions in Kenya while at the same time have a chance of helping to solve some of the social problems facing Kenyans such as poverty, youth unemployment, and gender inequality.

FIT operates as a conventional tour operator in that we package various tours and safaris and price them accordingly. In excess of this since we are non profit making organization we are in a position of offering tourists with activities which are considered to be less profitable such homestays, camel rides, nature walks, cultural tours and missionary tours.

Our Safaris are highly personalized safaris that enable our clients to appreciate and enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the destination visited and at the same time contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of the locals in the areas visited. The carefully packaged thematic tours have different themes that range from cultural tours, ethnic safaris, agro-tours, missionary tours and homestay safaris.

FIT acknowledges that tourism is a Top Priority in the fight against poverty and gender inequality. All safari proceeds are ploughed back to the community through community. FIT's mission is to ensure that tourists enjoy nature, share experiences with the local communities and contribute to their well-being, traveling by our motto "Travel responsibly and touch the heart of a poor Person".

Kenya is currently among the leading sustainable tourism destinations in the world; the destination continues to lure new visitors from all over the world and also to enthrall the most seasoned eco-travelers. To assist you in making the right choice, click the link below which will take you to some of the fixed departures that we operate. However, we appreciate the fact that you might be interested in safaris outside the scope of this site and this is why we give you an opportunity to place the request of a Tailor-Made Safari. Click on the safari of your choice for more information.

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